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The Unseen Hand, presented by Theatre Brouhaha.

Theatre Brouhaha is a collective of young Canadian artists who combine the primacy of story with the rapid pace of the Information Age to create relevant theatre for the next generation of theatre audiences. We want to entertain, to challenge, to energize, to arouse, to confuse, and in general, to give audiences something to talk about afterward. In short, our shows are what all the brouhaha’s about.

The Unseen Hand is dark, comedic trip following three forgotten legends of the Wild West, who have been brought back to life to help a desperate alien fight for the freedom of his enslaved people against the powerful “Unseen Hand.” All set against the sleepy backdrop of Azusa, USA, The Unseen Hand is a look at the bizarre meetings that occur on the side of a busy highway in middle of the night.

fool for love

Fool for Love, presented by Heart in Hand Productions. 

Heart in Hand Theatre’s mission is to bring excellent Canadian plays to a wider audience, and to produce imaginative and thought-provoking theatre of our own. We are committed to showcasing work that pushes boundaries, asks questions and is mounted with both inventiveness and some down-to-earth grit. Heart in Hand collaborates with diverse artists and strives to seduce the typical non-theatre goer.

Also sometimes we just do what we want.​

In the midst of changing the direction of her life, May is unexpectedly visited by Eddie, who shows up at her motel room with a lasso in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other. The two revisit the broken records that simultaneously brought them together and drove them apart. As they dangerously approach an emotional precipice, the roots of their relationship to each other become exposed, revealing a most unexpected history.

cowboy mouth

Cowboy Mouth, presented by Pomme Grenade Productions

Fresh from the Next Stage Festival hit The Peace Maker, Pomme Grenade is excited to announce their next production, Cowboy Mouth. 

Award winning actress and acclaimed writer/producer Natasha Greenblatt makes her directorial debut with the infamous one act by Patti Smith and Sam Shepard. Designed by video and installation artist Amy Siegel (Nuit Blanche, SappyFest) and performed by actress and feminist art-rocker Vanessa Dunn (Foster Child Play, Vag Halen), celebrated actor Adam Kenneth Wilson (Manson, Terminus), and indie-rock god(dess) Reg Vermue (Gentleman Reg, Lightfires) with new music by Gentleman Reg.

Set in present day Toronto, two artists wrestle, inflate and fuck with each other’s dreams and insecurities in this multidisciplinary performance that is part installation, part concert, and part play. Full of magic and sexuality, Cowboy Mouth explores the murky territory of desire, ambition and love. Cavale is a poet, a thief, a barroom brawler. Slim is in love with her and desperate to leave. Lobster Man is helping them put on their show.

saving fats

Saving Fats (by Alex McCooeye, an adaptation of the short story by Sam Shepard) presented by Alex McCooeye/Jesse Griffiths

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a reporter looks for a gripping story to give the people of America. When she finds a man who claims to have saved New Orleans most cherished musician, she uncovers a tale of “Fats Proportions”.

This musical comedy is underscored and features live renditions of Fats Domino classics like “Blueberry Hill”, and “Aint’ That a Shame”. Jeremiah Sparks gives the aging musician a vibrant reality that can only come from an actor and musician with years of experience under his belt.

"When the World Was Green" Shannon Taylor and David Fox (Photo by Patrick Lavender)

When the World Was Green, presented by Surface/Underground Theatre

This Canadian premiere production is directed by acclaimed director Peter Pasyk (Dora nominated, and 2013/14 Urjo Kareda Resident at Tarragon Theatre), and boasts a cast of Canadian theatre icon and multiple award-winner David Fox, and rising national theatre star Shannon Taylor (Dora nominated).

In When the World Was Green a journalist in search of her father interviews an elderly man on death row who resolved an old family vendetta by murdering the wrong man. This hauntingly lyrical play co-written by Sam Shepard & Joseph Chaikin was originally commissioned and produced by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad in 1996.

Geography of a Horse Dreamer

Geography of a Horse Dreamer, presented by Red One Theatre Collective

The Red One Theatre Collective strives to produce an immediate and visceral theatrical experience for the viewer by staging stripped down, energetic productions. Over the past six years, we have pushed accessible art into neglected corners of our city and have used location as an integral element of the Red One experience.

Cody, an unlucky cowboy whose fading gift for dreaming horse race winners has landed him in the forced company of Santee and Beaujo, a pair of low level thugs.
Cody soon learns it’s a dog’s life when the gangsters run him through the races for the local crime lord Fingers and the enigmatic diabolical Doctor

In pure Shepard style, this play explores the metaphorical approach to the chaos and mystery of the artistic process, lending itself wonderfully to the nature of this unique and ephemeral festival. Featuring, audience participation and surprise musical guests, this show promises to be an exciting part of this year’s program.

Angel City

Angel City, presented by Alec Toller

Rabbit brown, a reclusive artist, is summoned to the oil-slick heart of the film industry, Angel City. There, Rabbit meets Wheeler, the dying man behind the movies, who tasks him with creating a disaster film so shocking it will purge the audiences of the disease that afflicts Wheeler and the entire city. Trapped in an office for his own safety, Rabbit struggles to create something before the city’s corruption threatens his integrity and his very life.

Tickets available  HERE

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