On the Inter-Webs

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Snail Mail

Mailing Address: (Attn: Playwright Project) 12 Wilkins Avenue Toronto, ON M5A 3C3

Staff Contacts

Alex “Addy” Johnson, Project Director                         [email protected]

Angela Wright, Director of Marketing                          [email protected]

Ellen Hurley, Director of Neighbourhoods                  [email protected]

Daiva Zalnieriunas, Co-Director of Outreach              [email protected]

Suzan Balogh, Director of Production                          [email protected]

Tim Lindsay, Associate Director of Production         [email protected]

Sarah English, Company Manager                               [email protected]

Gaby Grice, Director of Music                                        [email protected]

Chad Thurlow, Director of Film                                     [email protected]

Andie Woodside, Festival Intern                                   [email protected]

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